#AskTheAllStars Surviving In the Wilderness

Cedar Mountain Wilderness in northern Utah, USA.

Could you survive alone? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pat from Alaska wants to know: Would you be likely to survive alone in the wilderness?

Jessica: Depends for how long. If it was for an extended period of time probably not. I wouldn’t really know how to get food. I know you could hunt but I wouldn’t want to kill anything and I don’t know which berries and plants are safe to eat. I also have no idea how to make a shelter from the weather.

Tamara: That would be a definite no!! Don’t get me wrong I love to go camping and all of that but if I had to rely on myself to survive in the wilderness I would be in serious trouble. I love the comforts of my home, and the ease of opening a fridge to find my food in. I am definitely not an outdoorsy kind of person unless I am in a fully furnished cabin or RV .

Danielle: Most likely not. I actually know a lot of random facts about the wilderness, and I can be tough when the times call for it, but I’m not a huge outdoorsy person. At least not wilderness outdoorsy. I HATE bugs, and the worst part would be what to eat. I’m an extremely picky eater and would probably starve to death soon enough. I would be able to think quick in survival situations, and know how to do things like build shelter and try to find my way back to civilization (if that’s an option), but I can only do that for so long without eating!

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